Continued Giving

As we look back over the past year, the Trustees, advisors and staff staunchly reaffirmed the Trust’s mission of ensuring basic human needs, supplementing higher education scholarships, supporting maritime education/maritime heritage preservation, and enabling basic medical research in the areas of heart disease, cancer and AIDS. Major funding cuts, both federal and local, resulted in demand for basic needs of food, clothing and shelter to remain at crisis levels. During this time of immense community need, the Trust continued to place emphasis on providing a safety-net through the Food, Clothing and Shelter Grants Program, with the focus being on direct provision of food, clothing and shelter emergencies. We recognize the courage, creativity, hard work, and effectiveness of the individuals who staff the institutions we support.

The financial holdings continued to be redefined, with the goal of maintaining the value of the portfolio with stable performing assets and safe holdings. The Trust, with the prudent counsel of expert outside advisors, has been fortunate to have the benefit of consistent and excellent stewardship at all levels. New grants of $5,814,910 were approved from April 2016 through March 2017, bringing the total funding made available since 1977 to $210,867,973.

The W. W. Smith Charitable Trust continues to encourage strong relationships with its partners as it attempts to protect and improve the quality of life in the communities it serves. In that vein, its pledge to enable children and the elderly to improve their lives, its commitment to medical excellence, and its promise to bring college education to regional students is unswerving. With the resources of the Charitable Trust, Bill Smith planned to encourage young people to excel in all aspects of their lives through education, to advance the application of medical research, and to encourage individuals, both young and old, to reach their highest potential. These are the standards that have characterized the Trust and they are a reflection of Bill Smith’s exceptional vision. It is the Trustees intention to continue to support and promote programs that are clearly focused and well planned in honor of its founder, William Wikoff Smith.

The Trustees wish to thank all of the organizations that submitted proposals during this time period, the members of the Trust’s independent medical advisory committees, recipient organizations, the investment team, and the Trust staff.



Organization Research Title Amount # of Years

Cancer Research
The Children's Hospital Foundation Defining the Cell Surface Landscape of Neuroblastoma $110,000 1
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Novel iNKT Cell-Based Immunotherapy of High-Risk Neuroblastoma $110,000 1
Drexel University Targeting a K-Ras-HuR Signaling Loop in Malignant Pancreatic Cancer $110,000 1
Fox Chase Cancer Center Dissecting the Role of BEX1 and NPTX1 in Drug Response in GIST $125,000 1
Johns Hopkins University Activating Tumor Suppressor PTEN $100,000 1
Thomas Jefferson University Hormone-Dependent Small Functional RNAs in Breast and Prostate Cancers $125,000 1
University of Pennsylvania Targeting Copper Availability: A Novel Vulnerability in Hepatocellular Carcinoma $102,700 1
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia Unraveling Molecular Mechanisms of BRAF Activation to Improve Therapy in Melanoma $101,000 1
AIDS Research    
Johns Hopkins University Expansion Dynamics and Functional Analysis of HIV-1 Latent Reservoir $100,000 1
University of Pennsylvania A New Approach for Concurrent Detection of HIV Co-Infections $107,000 1
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia Real Time, High Resolution Imaging of Chromatin at the HIV-1 Promoter $98,000 1
Heart Disease Research    
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Nanoparticle-Prodrug Combination for Restenosis Therapy $110,000 1
Drexel University Regulation of Cardiac BKCa Channels and Their Role in Cardioprotection From Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury $108,000 1
Milton S. Hershey Medical Center (Pennsylvania State University) The Role of Polycomb Repressive Complexes in Cardiac Differentiation $110,000 1
Temple University Cardiac Energy Metabolism Regulates Cardiomyocyte Proliferation $120,000 1
Thomas Jefferson University Unraveling the Role of Cardiac Fibroblasts in the Pathogenesis of LMNA Cardiomyopathy $125,000 1
University of Pennsylvania Hdac3 Regulates Nuclear Architecture During Cardiogenesis $115,500 1
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia The Role of Protein Aggregation in Cardiomyopathy Associated With Huntington's Disease $100,000 1
Juvenile Diabetes Research Special Medical Grant   1
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation University of Pennsylvania: "RNA Sequencing Analysis of Human Diabetic Kidney Disease” and "Menin Regulates GLP-1 Signaling and Beta Cell Proliferation" $126,460 1

Organization Grant Description Amount # of Years
Zoological Society of Philadelphia Two year support for their Community Access Program, providing zoo visits to children who otherwise would not have the chance to experience the zoo. $150,000 2



Arcadia University $72,500    
Bryn Mawr College $65,500    
Bucks County Community College Foundation $25,000    
Cabrini University $63,000    
Cairn University $57,000    
Camden County College Foundation $25,000    
Chestnut Hill College $64,500    
Community College of Philadelphia Foundation $25,000    
Delaware County Community College $25,000    
Delaware Valley University $63,500    
Drexel University $130,000    
Eastern University $65,000    
Gwynedd-Mercy University $68,000    
Haverford College $30,000    
Holy Family University $64,500    
Immaculata University $60,000    
LaSalle University $81,000    
Lincoln University $51,000    
Manor College $30,000    
Montgomery County Community College Foundation $25,000    
Moore College of Art and Design $63,500    
Neumann University $62,500    
Peirce College $44,000    
Penn State Brandywine $41,500    
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts $65,500    
Philadelphia University $73,000    
Rosemont College $52,500  
Rowan University Foundation $111,000    
Rutgers University Foundation $65,000    
St. Joseph's University $91,000    
Temple University $190,000    
University of Pennsylvania $30,000    
The University of the Arts $73,500    
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia $74,500    
Ursinus College $74,500    
Villanova University $94,000    
West Chester University $110,000    
Widener University $80,000    
Williamson College of the Trades $30,000    



Organization Project Amount
Advocates for Homeless and Those in Need To provide needy families with emergency shelter, rent and utility assistance. $12,000
Bebashi Transition to Hope To purchase fresh produce and non-perishable pantry items for their food cupboard, Second Helping, serving low-income African-American families with children and individuals. $7,000
Bridge of Hope Rental assistance to very low-income children and their mothers in Chester County who are facing eviction or experiencing homelessness. $25,000
Broad Street Ministry To purchase underwear, socks and food. Also to make kitchen facility upgrades. $50,000
Bucks County Housing Group, Inc. To provide furniture and kitchen items to clients occupying six Supportive Housing Program apartments. $40,000
Camilla Hall Nursing Home/Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Lavatory renovations that will make Villa Maria accessible and safe for retired sisters, and to partially support extensive work on the fire alarm system. $50,000
Camphill Village Kimberton Hills, Inc. Critical support of food, clothing and shelter for their low-income senior residents with developmental and physical disabilities. $28,500
Chester Eastside, Inc. To expand their food pantry’s daily food services from three to five days, and to provide low-income children and youth with packaged meals in their Parent First program. $30,000
The Church Farm School To help provide food and shelter for low-income children living at the Church Farm School, and to refurbish three student bedrooms in one of their 10 residential cottages. $65,000
Cradles to Crayons To purchase 2,000 warm winter coats and other seasonal apparel for children from birth to age six. $40,000
Drueding Center Diapers and formula for homeless families in their transitional housing program for women and their children; and food certificates to assist homeless and formerly homeless families in emergency situations. $26,000
Energy Coordinating Agency of Philadelphia, Inc. For low-income, elderly Philadelphia homeowners, to repair or replace their heaters with new condensing furnaces, efficiency-rated AFUE 92 or higher. $22,000
Family Promise of Southern Chester County To establish a Family Support Transition Fund to provide additional help with food, rent, utilities, and other needs, thereby increasing success in obtaining stable housing as clients leave their program. $13,500
The Food Trust To help provide access to fresh, affordable, locally grown produce for low-income residents in Philadelphia by providing $2 Philly Food Bucks coupons redeemable for fresh produce. $25,000
Holy Family Home-Little Sisters of the Poor To purchase nutritious foods used to prepare meals for the residents and a much needed whirlpool for the third floor. $60,000
Housing Partnership of Chester County, Inc. Repair dangerous conditions in homes, as well as access and safety modifications for low-income families and senior residents of Chester County. $10,000
Inter-Faith Housing Alliance To support their Basic Needs Program, a comprehensive service that provides a safety net of basic supplies and supports. $20,000
JEVS To purchase 180 beds from the Beds for Kids program to distribute to low-income families in their Work Ready program. $24,000
Laurel House To provide food, clothing and shelter for abused women and their children. $15,000
The Lord's Pantry of Downingtown To purchase food for the Food Distribution Project, including the Healthy Food Choices Program. $40,000
MANNA To purchase food to help meet the nutritional challenges of children, elderly and families living with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other life-threatening illnesses. $45,000
Meals on Wheels of Chester County, Inc. To purchase nourishing hot and frozen meals that are delivered daily to homebound, elderly Chester County residents. $15,000
Mitzvah Circle Foundation To purchase toiletries, incontinence products, underwear, children's shoes, and clothing for hard-to-fit children. $35,000
Norristown Ministries, Inc. Hospitality Center To purchase food and food service products for their Hospitality Center Breakfast Program, and to help their Financial Assistance Program with back rent for people facing eviction, as well as assistance with utility bills. $10,500
The Pathway School To provide essential supplies based on individual student need, including school attire and personal hygiene items. Also relief for food and housing insecure families. $10,400
Pennsylvania Home of the Sparrow Support for their Emergency Solutions Grant program providing eligible, low-income women a one-time emergency grant to help pay rent or utilities. $15,000
Roxborough Presbyterian Church For their food pantry, The Table, to purchase a freezer, install a concrete pad for the freezer, and upgrade the electrical service to meet the requirements of the freezer. $10,000
Saint John's Hospice/Catholic Social Services Food, clothing, furnishings, supplies and equipment for homeless, needy, elderly men at Saint John's Hospice. $56,000
Saint Joseph's Carpenter Society To provide low-income homeowners assistance with completing home repairs. Also improvements required for occupancy, tripping hazards, and water damage through referrals from Cooper Hospital's Safe Steps program. $40,000
Saint Vincent de Paul Society/ Sacred Heart Conference To provide food, clothing, rental and utility assistance to those needy in the community. $7,500
St. Christopher's Foundation for Children To purchase fresh produce year-round for participants of the Farm to Families Fresh Food Access Program. $40,000
St. Ignatius Nursing Home Replacement of control panels for two elevators experiencing frequent breakdowns. $50,000
St. Mary's Franciscan Shelter for Families Renovate two outdated and structurally damaged bathrooms used by shelter residents. $16.850
Utility Emergency Services Fund Emergency utilities, rent, and mortgage assistance for needy families, as well as emergency supplies to provide shelter and stabilize housing for vulnerable families with children and the elderly. $50,000
Women Against Abuse, Inc. To provide food services to children and women at their two 100-bed emergency safe havens who have become homeless due to fleeing violence in the home. $40,000