An investment in life is the drive behind the Trust’s wish to help medical researchers pursue breakthroughs that will immeasurably improve our lives. The Trust has historically made and continues to make its greatest investment medical research. Even with impressive gains, there are still a number of diseases for which there are no cures, requiring more research to understand their origins and progression. The Trust continues to fund basic medical research in the areas of Heart Disease, Cancer, and AIDS.

The Trust highlights the importance of basic medical research in the area of Juvenile Diabetes and continues to provide funds for finding a cure.

The philosophy of the Trust has been not to replicate governmental funding organizations, but identify and fund projects that are unique and meritorious. The Trust tries to select promising researchers who have the potential to attract the National Institutes of Health or other large funding organizations after the Trust’s support. There is a strong commitment to encourage new or less recognized investigators to apply for funding.

Grants have generally been for basic medical research for faculties with appointments in universities, hospitals and research centers in the Delaware Valley. To further enhance the effectiveness of the research grants, a distinguished medical advisory committee comprised of leading scientists informs staff and the Trustees.

This group of experts review the many proposals submitted each year and advise the Trustees as to how to fund those projects that will hopefully have an immediate and direct influence upon the fight against heart disease, cancer, and AIDS. As the Charitable Trust principally supports projects in the Delaware Valley, the medical advisors come from institutions outside the Delaware Valley in order to avoid any conflict of interest.

It's impossible to quantify exactly how much significant progress has been made in basic research, but the Trust is confident that a growing body of meritorious technical literature has been produced, advancing the sum total of scientific knowledge applicable to the fights against cancers, heart disease, AIDS, and juvenile diabetes.

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