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Funding Areas

Our funding areas focus on ensuring basic human needs, supplementing higher education scholarships, supporting maritime education and preservation, and enabling basic medical research in the areas of heart disease, cancer and AIDS.

Medical Research

Grants for basic medical research primarily related to heart disease, cancer, and AIDS. Funding is limited to nonprofit institutions located in the five-county Greater Philadelphia region or the City of Camden, NJ.


We award Scholarship Program grants to accredited colleges and universities in the Greater Philadelphia region; each institution then awards scholarships to full-time undergraduate student who meet our eligibility requirements.

Basic Needs

The Trust awards grants to nonprofits that provide direct assistance to those in our community who need food, clothing or shelter. We prioritize requests that benefit disadvantaged and vulnerable children and older adults who reside within the five-county Greater Philadelphia region and City of Camden.

Maritime Education

Maritime grants provide funding support to nonprofit organizations in the Philadelphia Delaware River area for maritime educational activities designed to increase awareness and appreciation of local waterways or to teach basic maritime skills.