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Mitzvah Circle Foundation

Every child deserves a strong start

Every child deserves a strong start in life, and the Mitzvah Circle Foundation (MCF) is a beacon of support for families facing financial challenges. For families teetering on the edge of poverty, providing clean diapers and well-fitting children’s clothing becomes a daily struggle. MCF’s critical needs and diaper bank programs are vital resources that bridge this gap for thousands of families in Greater Philadelphia.

Founded in 1999 by Fran Held, MCF was born out of a realization that families in crisis lacked immediate relief options. The foundation collaborates with 277 partner organizations and 208 referral agencies to ensure that low-income families with children have access to essential items like clothing and diapers. Whether directly contacted or referred by social workers, hospitals, or organizations like Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Catholic Social Services, MCF steps in to fulfill these urgent needs.

Empowering parents to work with dignity and children to attend school with hope – that’s the life-changing impact Mitzvah Circle made on 73,753 families in 2023. Providing essential items like diapers (3.4 million) and feminine hygiene products (836,000), they remove barriers to opportunity. W. W. Smith is proud to support their vital initiatives.

When a family does not have clean diapers for their baby or appropriate clothing for their children, they are not able to take them to daycare or school, and they will not visit the doctor for a well visit for fear of being reported or chastised. We believe every baby deserves a clean diaper, every child deserves quality clothing, and all girls and women should have what they need to attend school and work with dignity. W. W. Smith’s grants help Mitzvah Circle Foundation bring diapers, new clothing, and feminine personal care items to thousands of people who had nowhere else to turn to for critical, material support.

- Fran Held, Founder and Executive Director, Mitzvah Circle Foundation

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